Experts Speak

Behind Every Great Run Is Great Nutrition

Whether you are running a 5k or a marathon, the right nutrition is extremely important. It not only helps you give your best but also prevents injuries.’s Health Coach, Chandni Haldurai, runs us through the must-haves in a runner’s everyday dietary plan and how individuals with diabetes can adapt Carbohydrate consumption to do this.

Who Says You Can’t Get Enough Protein From A Vegetarian Diet?

It is a popular belief that only a non-vegetarian diet can meet your daily protein requirement. Does that mean vegetarians have a cause for concern? Our Nutrition Expert, Rekha Prabhu sheds light on this misbelief. Vegetarians, take notes.

Help the Habit: Your guide to stay motivated

How many times have you promised yourself that this time will be different? You'll eat more vegetables, work out 4 times a week, get more work done in the office - and then you don't? If this sounds familiar, we've put together a complete guide to motivation just for you.